Reading and Lounging

I’ve noticed, of late, the incorporation of books into, let’s call it, ‘space-styling’. Shop window displays – whether selling perfume or interiors will use the carefully placed spines of novels stacked on top of each other as a sort of palette to illustrate their wares. They are stacked vertically or in the more traditional horizontal row. Books are being used to sell other products like a model typically would. And the appeal is obvious. Books come in many different sizes, of varying thickness and texture, and an array of colours. They can collectively add form and stylistically can convey a feeling, a sense of place, smell even. I’m an avid reader and enjoy books for the world building, story-telling, and social commentary that can be found between their pages but I also love the look of my bookshelves piled with them in all directions – the varying dimensions, some tall and solid, some small and bendy. Quickly running out of space, threatening to fall and hastily being reassembled until a new one comes along and space needs to somehow be found to accommodate it. My walls would be naked and look rather sad without the many books stacked against them.

Although I always tend to gravitate towards a particular style and aesthetic, my mood on a given day can also determine what I want to read, and book cover design is a large part of this too. My bibliophilic tendencies do not yet include the owning of the same book in many different editions with varying cover art; but I know that day soon will come. Especially given the type of reader that I am. I enjoy taking my time over a book; reading it over a drawn out period. I just like to have a particular book that I’m reading at a given time, and I like that same book to occupy space in my bag for a while. This coupled with the fact that my tastes are admittedly narrow and not at all that broad when it comes to genre; most definitely means that in order to keep up with my impulsive obsession with buying a new book, titles will have to start repeating themselves.

My preferred genres are Classics, Dystopian, Modern Classic (Black Authored), Darkly Comedic/Satirical.

Although that all seems rather heavy, I do love a nicely designed cover – some examples of what has caught my eye:

Pulp! the Classics have modern entertainers moonlighting as classic heros/antiheros on their covers along with tag lines that really sell the concept.

Vintage Minis utilise a smooth, clean, colour-block style palette to illustrate the neatness of excerpts taken from the tomes of great classic and modern authors communicating their ideas, philosophies, and social autopsies.

I’ve picked some cover examples of the following from books included on my digital book shelf

Sketch-style illustration I find these particularly fun and creative editions to any collection of books.

Typeface A striking typeface can be a big draw on the edition of the book that I choose to purchase. If its done in an interesting or quirky way, and the bolder the better then I am sold.

Photographic Whereby the appreciation of a well taken photo is what reels me in particularly when looking for a cook book, reference book, or travel guide.

The latter category of books are the type that I open while reclined in my POÄNG Armchair or in the mini-reading nook beside my terrace window. Funnily, I am at my most suggestible to colour saturation, the pull of far away places, and deceptively easy-looking recipes when I’m lounging very comfortably at home.

In or Out

The weather has taken a turn for the (wet)ter after a summer heatwave that caught me off guard, leaving me in no way prepared for the heat and humidity that swelled up out of nowhere. Struggling as I practically dissolved into a puddle whilst putting off purchasing a fan because "no way can this last much longer". So just when I was about to get my act together and arrange a sun-worthy set-up on the roof terrace I was stopped in my tracks by the arrival of the wet stuff; ever reliable! From one week to the next the invitingly sun kissed patch of so much alfresco potential was replaced with a damp, bare, grey platform hosting a half-full bag of plant fertilizer and not much else. Too soon to give up?

So I'm now turning my attention to the space on the inside of the glass. The landing area at the top of the stairs. It's this small space that leads out to the roof terrace and because there is a floor to ceiling window of sorts it receives maximum light. I had planned on doing something with it to make it cosy for autumn in order to enjoy the fading light under a throw or two. The view of Canary Wharf is less romantic than this image would suggest but that's why I'll need to ensure the books on my reading list are close to hand. So, it's seems decided that I'm transforming this little nook into an autumn/winter reading area, now - when summer is still not quite over. Turning my thoughts away from garden furniture to interior items that will fit in a small space without sacrificing comfort. I'm thinking of colours complimenting the bamboo floor and off-white paint of the prominent window frame. But I'm also thinking of the orange/brown/burgundy palette of autumn. Yes, already.

However, I still can't quite let go of the idea of the outdoor set-up that could have been if only I'd been a bit quicker off the mark.

Take a look at my two mood boards below. Which one do you find more appealing?

If only it would stay dry outside...

Autumn reading nook - *Summer edition

LOOA loves to...

Welcome to LOOA; an interior brand with a difference. I love the furniture, angles and textile flourishes that give a space character and make it look good, so I wanted to create my own homewares product. I thought about what I like about being at home, and it’s a non-tangible thing. It’s the feeling of being comfortable; fully at ease and relaxed and I’m able to feel this way when I’m actually doing things that I love.

I love to –


Curl up in a comfortable chair and read a book or magazine.

Read a few chapters of a book on my kindle app in bed before falling asleep.  

Scroll through the news on my phone first thing in the morning (from my comfortable bed).

Lounge in bed long after the natural light of a new day has woken me up. 


So there is a theme. I am unashamedly lazy in that I love nothing better than to be reclined (at varying degrees) while indulging a healthy love for the written word be it on paper or a mobile screen.

I love other things too; although do them less frequently. Sketching, knitting, writing, and crossword puzzles - all from the comfort of my bed.

So clearly I designed a product that would be compatible with my bed/chair reading habits; accommodate my sporadic hobbyist tendencies, and, as I’m no carpenter but absolutely love fabric and patterns, I went with textile for the material.

My Home Storage Sleeve is a twist on a basic concept. A mobile storage solution that is versatile, and also looks lovely.   

Take a look at the portfolio to get some ideas on how you can use my Home Storage Sleeve for the things you love.