Ode to a Bench

Maybe it’s a consequence of me being an old-fashioned kind of girl, but when I think of bathroom furniture aside from the main staples of a bath tub, shower, sink, and toilet the list isn’t that long. A bathroom isn't a room in which you spend much time so it needs to be clean and that's about it really. If ever there was a room where pragmatism is the overriding requirement then it's this one. There is a need for a cabinet to store toiletries, a few hooks to hang robes and towels, and possibly a shelf if you’d rather lie your towels flat. And in my prior world that was it. The add-on (and not always required) peripherals being a laundry basket, weighing scales, toilet brush, bin, a mat, soap dish and dispenser.

But then I discovered the joys of the bench. Such a lovely thing to behold. Just looking at it triggers a satisfied nod to it, no matter how many times I enter the bathroom. The bench has it all - form, function, style and the je ne sais quoi. Yes! I can have a two tier bench in my bathroom fill in the surfaces to the max plus use the space at the bottom as storage. And oddly enough it doesn't seem to take up too much space.

I'm definitely not the first to identify Ikea as a great place to pick up basics but they've really thought of everything haven't they?

Now below I am going to bravely show you my bench in all its disheveled glory - this is not a stylish blog post because really we're talking about the bathroom here but the next one will be back to regular programming; promise.

who's a good little bench? you are!

who's a good little bench? you are!

You might have spotted a few things that will betray me as the collector of things that I am and someone who never leaves a Boots empty-handed (and makes almost weekly trips to said Boots). For example, not one, but two weighing scales, a whole host of bottles (too many) filled with cosmetic goo, face towels and face cloths, an inflatable pillow that I use when soaking in the tub, more cosmetic goo, and latex gloves. This bench may not look pretty to the casual observer but I literally have heart eyes every time I step into my bathroom because of it. It holds ev-e-ry-thing and, in my eyes at least, still keeps the room looking orderly. The bench itself is a lovely bit of furniture and so much more organic that a nondescript plastic utility console contraption.

I kind of didn't know I needed it, or was looking until I found it, you know? I can no longer imagine my bathroom without it; I mean where did I keep my stuff B.B. (before bench)? it's a time not worth remembering surely.

So, as I have subjected you to my unruly bench I've popped some lovelier images of bathroom storage furniture below for you to have a think about adopting your own because really, mine is practically part of the family.


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