LOOA loves to...

Welcome to LOOA; an interior brand with a difference. I love the furniture, angles and textile flourishes that give a space character and make it look good, so I wanted to create my own homewares product. I thought about what I like about being at home, and it’s a non-tangible thing. It’s the feeling of being comfortable; fully at ease and relaxed and I’m able to feel this way when I’m actually doing things that I love.

I love to –


Curl up in a comfortable chair and read a book or magazine.

Read a few chapters of a book on my kindle app in bed before falling asleep.  

Scroll through the news on my phone first thing in the morning (from my comfortable bed).

Lounge in bed long after the natural light of a new day has woken me up. 


So there is a theme. I am unashamedly lazy in that I love nothing better than to be reclined (at varying degrees) while indulging a healthy love for the written word be it on paper or a mobile screen.

I love other things too; although do them less frequently. Sketching, knitting, writing, and crossword puzzles - all from the comfort of my bed.

So clearly I designed a product that would be compatible with my bed/chair reading habits; accommodate my sporadic hobbyist tendencies, and, as I’m no carpenter but absolutely love fabric and patterns, I went with textile for the material.

My Home Storage Sleeve is a twist on a basic concept. A mobile storage solution that is versatile, and also looks lovely.   

Take a look at the portfolio to get some ideas on how you can use my Home Storage Sleeve for the things you love.