Trouva – a treasure trove of things for HOME

I’ve derailed my own life for a while; shopping for serums, concealers, and elixirs to start the new year with a tighter, fresher face. Another year has ticked by, so there is nothing like the impending addition of a frown line, a crow’s foot, a deeper under eye shadow to scare you into throwing everything at the canvas in hopes of slowing the decline. Luckily it all too quickly becomes a hopeless exercise (at least for me) and I’m back on track thinking less about shopping for me and more about treating my home to things that really will flatter, tone, and smooth the lines of its various rooms.

I personally like the concept of the one-stop-shop. But it needs to meet a few requirements to qualify.

  • A good assortment of pieces    

  • Distinct styles to cater to my preference for eclecticism

  • A healthy mix of price points high and low

  • A collection of different brands to cater to my love of discovery

Trouva fits the bill and then some. If I want to detour back to shopping for me then I can – but I wont…at least not for the moment.  

I never need much of an excuse to think about re-imagining how to use my interior space. Moving things here or there; or dusting off and prominently placing something that was previously tucked away. So a new year is a very cliché but serviceable excuse to do just that. There is, however, a method to my madness at the present moment. I have two very specific wants, and having a targeted place to hunt for them sets off my endorphins.

The Rug

As a result of moving my beloved flatweave rug out of the bedroom and into the landing; I need a new one to occupy the now vacated spot. I thought I was pretty certain that it had to be another flatweave in a muted colour but look what I found. 

The Print

I currently have three prints displayed and they all are personal in one way or another. I’d like to add a new one. Something to provide me with an illustrated symbol of the new year ahead. Something that encompasses energy as well as zen but also a little bit of fun – the balance that I’m looking to maintain in my home.

So far, so good. A newly discovered treasure trove of homewares; what a perfect start to the year. Happy browsing.