A lovely home to pop-in to

On the last day of January I attended the HOUZZ of 2018 event; a soho townhouse curated by HOUZZ.  This was my first invite to an exclusively interiors event and just so happened to be on the same night as another invitation - the type I am more accustomed to, that being small business owner/entrepreneur forum type gatherings. As a first event of the New Year there was no competition in terms of which one I would go to. I am looking forward to a new year filled with interiors, things to excite me and what better way to start then in a styled out pop up house.

Chock full of interiors large to small, the rooms were dressed naturally with no contrivance of theme, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was a living room, bedroom, bathroom, children's room all styled with products from houzz vendors and I was amazed at just how much could be comfortably placed within the confines of a narrow, centrally-located, city house. I also loved the flourish of books being placed about the house in the various different rooms. The bookseller even got a mention.

Despite the popularity, and therefore crowded nature of the event, I managed to get some photos. As my photography skills are reliably bad, trust me when I say that the following photos do no justice at all to the absolute cosy warmth and deliciousness of the rooms and objects in them. Although I mentioned detecting no overarching in-your-face themes I will say that the interior styling fit a home set-up for comfort in the dark winter months. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the huge glorious bed and related accessories. I would have dived in were it not for the aforementioned throngs of fellow event attendees. The standing room only atmosphere was also the reason for my low photo count but it was a great way to kick off the year.