All the world's a Stool

Another embarrassing pun-ny blog title, another week, another piece of furniture on my mind. And; as you probably have guessed, this week it is the stool that has captured my attention. Why, you ask? Because I recently acquired one in a raffle. I didn't need or particularly want it but I've been in the throes of a manic shopping period lately, whereby I no longer attempt to justify the unjustifiable home wares purchases I've made in shockingly small amount of time. I'll recount them all in blogs to come. With this one focusing on a raffle won bar stool that is now housed in my bedroom simply because it is black and matches that room's decor. I can imagine the head scratching at that last sentence and if I add that my kitchen does not have a bar and has no need or space for a bar stool this additional information will only serve to perplex you even more. I did already acknowledge the unjustifiably of this acquisition. So, despite the oddity who knew that a bar stool would fit so well in my bedroom. It has proven useful for a number of  things, including: 


  • a 'temporary' holding cell for laundered clothing awaiting folding and putting away
  • a handy perch for dry-shaving my legs 
  • likewise for moisturizing them 
  • as it is high and next to the window, something my bathroom doesn't have, it is a great spot for tweezing my eyebrows in natural light
  • it's also next to my wardrobe and matches it so very well 

So the real quote is something along the lines of

'All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts'  - William Shakespeare 

And my stool does have that quality of a stage. Bear with me; the stool is an object both humble and glamorous - talk about poetry. And depending on what state I'm in, it accommodates me be I goddess lit in gorgeous natural light of day (hardly), or hunchbacked Ogress bargaining with a stubborn patch of hair on the hardest-to-reach section of my legs - in either role I'm not out of place sat atop that stool. 

Take a look at the stool in various different guises and think about just how versatile a piece of furniture it actually is. 

Find them here: