Light for the dark

The clocks have rolled back to adjust for the darkening season and has given us (superficially) another hours sleep. However, you can’t really hold back nature from doing what the hell it wants, but just manage it as best you can. One way to manage the darkness is of course with light. Lighting and fixtures is something that I’ve been obsessing over of late. I was recently very disappointed to discover that I literally do not have the ability to hang a lampshade from the ceiling in my flat. My ceiling lighting is all embedded in the wall so I’ve some lamps here and there at ground level to play around with. But not that many. With a worrying volume of objects requiring a socket and half the floor covered in wires I have no wish to add to the eye-sore. My inventory of lamps is therefore a pithy three, not including the ultra-bright bike light purchased from my bike riding years in Amsterdam and still going strong. I keep it as an emergency light should I need one. So the trio that I’ve got are:

  1. A rather cool and sleek black desk top lamp with a switch and a usb connector that is permanently inserted into my laptop. I love this light as it takes up minimal space and is extremely well coordinated with my black and glass desk.

  2. An odd but somehow it works very white, very round clamp spotlight that I admittedly use as a nightlight when I’m too scared to sleep in the dark (often).

  3. A fun little desktop orb that changes colors and is surprisingly vivid; and yes this is a roundabout way of saying it is indeed a kids lamp, yes, meant for children but I don’t care. This lamp was a necessity as I wanted something battery operated as there are (thankfully) no sockets next to the table that I needed it for.

That’s it. Not much as I don’t have the necessary plug sockets for more; but ingeniously I’ve managed three strategically placed lights with only one of them requiring a socket. Not bad. Now what follows is my wish list of lighting if only I had a modest bit more space and the electrical engineering set-up to accommodate them. 

Shade – I love the contemporary yet retro look of a shade hanging from above or tabletop. They really bring out that little bit of unexpected extra-ness don’t they? My picks are…

Floor Lamp – I have a wistful remembrance of my college dorm for some reason whenever I see a floor lamp. But they can be grown up too; and these have elicited a spark when browsing.

Touch Lamp – I had no idea these were such a thing but I’ve been seeing more than a few that have piqued my interest. If only the below were battery operated.

Reading Adjacent – Whoever came up with these ingenious objects, I applaud their ‘reading game’.

Bizarre stuff that I can get behind – Yes, they are weird but it works.


Find them here: